Developing processes is an important part of your service offering and is what makes you unique as an MSP. Documenting these processes is important, but it can be time consuming for your employees and difficult to get them to buy-in.

On this episode of MSPradio, we chat with Raj Goel, CTO of Brainlink International and Continuum partner, about how he has used Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to drive business growth and make his employees more efficient.

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Episode 047: How to Build Excellent Standard Operating Procedures That Will Drive Business Growth

Episode Transcript:

Paul: You’re listening to MSP Radio, a show dedicated to your success in managed IT services brought to you by Continuum managed services industry’s only channel exclusive provider of fully integrated managed service solutions.

Let’s get things started with our host Nate Teplow!

Hey Nate!

Nate: Hey folks, welcome back to another episode of MSP Radio. I’m your host Nate Teplow and today we’re going to be talking about standard operating procedures also known as SOP’s and how you can create them successfully and use them to really drive business growth. We’ve got a really great guest here on the line that has used SOP’s very effectively and he is going to tell us a little bit about his process and how he has used them to grow his business.

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So as I mentioned today we’re going to be talking about SOP’s and how you can use them to drive your business growth. So we are joined here today by a Continuum partner and the chief technology officer of Brainlink international Raj Goel. Raj thanks for joining me here on MSP Radio.

Raj: Nate, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Nate: Yeah, we’re excited to have you on the show and I think this is an important topic. Something we haven’t really covered on the show yet and we were chatting the other day and you got a wealth of knowledge on this topic and many other topics as well but I


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