“Wow. SOPCulture provided my business with outstanding, new ideas that we put to use right away, a rarity in consulting. We streamlined many critical operations including event set-up, blogging/social media, finance, and new client onboarding. We save lots of time which helped our bottom line jump forward.”

Jonathan Flaks, President / Executive Career Coach

“SOP Culture has helped us reduce the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot issues, or at the minimum, go and locate information when something has gone wrong.”

Harsh Mehta, Work Better

“One of the nice things about SOP Culture is, to be honest, that the training and the documentation about Connectwise in SOP Culture is better than Connectwise’s own training documentation”

Kevin Gamin, One World Technology

“As a tech provider, SOP Culture has been absolutely fundamental to our continued success and growth as a company. First and foremost, implementing SOP Culture has been incredibly helpful for us internally. The efficiency of our own technology and SOPs has been optimized thanks to what we’ve learned from Raj through SOP Culture”

Darryl Anderson, Owia Technology

One of the best 45 minutes I have invested when I listened to your webinar on project boards. I will be getting your books and seeing if I can get on board with you on the monthly plan. Today I am going to do the Connect Wise University on Projects, then read your books. I may have to bring my lunches to work, but I am going to see about getting the monthly amount together to send to you for your program. Why should I reinvent the wheel with SOP’s that you have apparently done a great job with. I use Cyberoam and Datto. Chris Curran is my sales rep at Cyberoam. You touched on some of my biggest pain points.
Thank you,

William Lanier, Christian Computers, LLC.

What I like best about Brainlink is that their ticketing system tracks issues and gives us the ability to spot trends or issues before they become major problems. Brainlink’s staff is very responsive and professional.

Tom & Chris, Gallin John Gallin & Son


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