Why You Should Be Creating SOPs

We recently acquired a client with a very vibrant staff that is a joy to work with, lots of technology, and a very open culture of sharing… except in the IT department.

The previous IT director was/is a brilliant guy who solved some very thorny business problems with very clever technology. He had one major blind spot however – due to his technical brilliance, he didn’t document a LOT of “obvious” processes. Without proper documentation, it leads to downtime, staff frustration and wasted time.

The questions I’d like you to answer are: Are you creating the “obvious” SOPs? Or are you making your staff & clients suffer needlessly?
SOP Culture is AWESOME!

SOP Culture is AWESOME!

CONGRATULATIONS to TEAM BRAINLINK and all the 2015 SmartCEO’s Culture Award Winners.

THANK YOU TEAM BRAINLINK for building a culture of (Standard Operating Procedures) SOPs. How we do anything is how we do everything. Your hard work, attention to detail and personal commitment to excellence has enabled us to generate over 900 SOPs in less than 2 years, increase our productivity and make our clients more profitable.

If you want to have a discussion on establishing an SOP CULTURE, or need help in creating your “obvious” and “non-obvious” SOPs, give me a call at 917-685-7731.

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